Is Creating a New Font Difficult?

Vector typeface bold style

There are tons of high-quality fonts available online – both free and paid – that can be used in any design project. Many editing apps come with lots of pre-loaded fonts. However, there are times when you need a custom font to really make the design unique. If that’s the case, you’re … Read more

How to Translate the Windings Font

Wingdings samples

Wingdings is a font that is hard to read. What would a random succession of symbols and shapes mean to any average reader, anyway? But some people do use it to hide a message, so if you stumble upon something that seems to be a word written in Wingdings, you might wonder … Read more

Story Behind Wingdings

Wingdings samples

If you’re in school during the ‘90s to the aughts, you’ve probably played a lot with the fonts in Microsoft Word. Finding the perfect font for a school project or assignment is the fun part of doing them. For instance, if you want a creepy, Halloween-y font, you use “Chiller.” If you’re … Read more

Ways You Can Use Wingdings

The Wingdings 1 font

Wingdings fonts had become a bit of a phenomenon, especially in the ‘90s when it first came out. Part of the strange phenomenon is that these fonts are made of only a series of symbols. Knowing what symbols are available in the Wingdings fonts can help make your document or presentation more … Read more

Do Wingdings Have a Purpose?

The Wingdings 1 font

If you’ve spent a lot of time with Microsoft Word, you’ve probably encountered Wingdings on the font choices. But this font is made entirely out of symbols – you can’t read it as it is. It surely seems bizarre, like it was a code. What are the creators of the font thinking? … Read more

How Can I Find Free Fonts?

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When the typography budget is tight, one cannot afford to buy an expensive license for paid fonts. Almost every typographer needs new fonts to use in posters, branding projects, and website content for commercial use, and the preference is to find some fonts that do not cost a kidney.  The good news … Read more

How GPUs for PCs Work Compare to Consoles?

silhouette of a man, pc monitor, man gaming, gamer wearing gaming headset, dark room, neon green led lights

With the release of the newest gaming tech, the argument over which one between a gaming PC or a gaming console is better is starting up again. Some parts of that argument involve the GPU. But first, what is exactly is a GPU? GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It is a specialized processor … Read more

How to Create Your Own Font?

“Sunday” in red font color, calligraphy

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a font. However, your selection is limited to fonts someone else created, and you might find yourself looking for something more specific. Here are 6 simple steps of how to create your own font. Creating your own font is time-consuming and expensive, … Read more

The History of Wingdings Font and why it Still Exists

brown wall, variety of gold symbols, different shapes like circles and triangles

Have you ever seen a font in Microsoft entirely made out of random symbols like arrows, circles, and inverted triangles? Isn’t it strange how people decide to create this bizarre font that seems unreadable to most people? This font that we are talking about is the Wingdings font. Wingdings is a font that was … Read more

Popular fonts used on websites

Popular fonts used on websites

Back in the days, only a few fonts were available for web designers to choose from. Nowadays, there are plenty of typefaces that they can use to show a creative look on web pages. But if you notice, the top sites on the web are still using the same old Fonts like … Read more