The History of Wingdings Font and why it Still Exists

brown wall, variety of gold symbols, different shapes like circles and triangles

Have you ever seen a font in Microsoft entirely made out of random symbols like arrows, circles, and inverted triangles? Isn’t it strange how people decide to create this bizarre font that seems unreadable to most people? This font that we are talking about is the Wingdings font. Wingdings is a font that was … Read more

Tips for Creating a New Font

Tips for Creating a New Font

Did you always want to create your own font? A font that you could use in your emails, Word documents, and even PDFs? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. This post discusses how to make a new font and the steps required to … Read more

Learn About the History of Fonts

Beige text on a black background

From webpages and mobile apps to billboards and magazines, different fonts surround us. Every font you see is used for a different purpose, and each one is chosen based on its unique “personality” — choosing fonts is a crucial step in the design process for anything involving text. Some fonts are better … Read more