Common Traits Of A Narcissist

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The word narcissism is used a lot in our celebrity-driven and selfie-obsessed culture. It is used to describe someone who seems overly conceited or self-center. In psychological terms, narcissism does not mean self-love which is not of an authentic kind. It is accurate to say that the people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder … Read more

Who Was Onisaburo Deguchi?

A black and white image showing a portrait of Onisaburo Deguchi

Typing “Onisaburo Deguchi” on an online search engine tells us that he was a spiritual leader of the Oomoto – a religious movement in Japan that garnered a massive following during the period between WW1 and WW2 and became a model for several other religions in the country. But who really was … Read more

Tips for Learning Speed Reading

A girl reading a book 

From reading the newspaper to memorizing the textbooks the night before the exam, everything requires reading skills. While most people read as a hobby and have plenty of time to read slowly, others have limited time to finish reading important paperwork to keep up with deadlines.  If you are one of the … Read more

Who Was Minoru Mochizuki?

A black and white image showing Minoru Mochizuki. 

It is impossible to mention the most influential martial arts masters of the 20th century without paying homage to Minoru Mochizuki. One of the most respected masters of his generation, Minoru Mochizuki, was the founder of the influential Yoseikan school of Budo, which unified elements of various traditional martial arts disciplines. He … Read more

Who was Kenji Tomiki

Image showing the The Shodokan Aikido symbol.

An academician as well as an athlete, a calligraphy maestro as well as a martial artist, history remembers Kenji Tomiki as the one who combined the disciplines of Judo and Aikido but there is much more to his credit. In this article, we will trace Professor Tomiki’s journey of becoming a martial … Read more

Why Should You Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

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People like scheduling tasks, making a to-do list, and prioritizing assignments to accomplish different tasks in the allotted time. Doing a lot of activities in one day could be very draining. It takes up a lot of time and energy to finish your scheduled tasks in a day, especially when you are … Read more

Common Traits of a Psychopath

An old man standing holding a pickaxe, walls with graffiti at his back

Psychopaths. Most people have misconceptions about them being crime perpetrators. It is instilled among the general public that they are not normal-in thoughts and actions- and that they are dangerous, fearsome individuals. Movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts describe and portray psychopaths as monsters inside humans. Many myths pervade pop culture regarding … Read more

Military Strategies To Build Healthy Habits

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The military is notable people when it comes to strict discipline-physiological, psychological, and practical. One cannot merely be part of the armed forces by simply being a genius or intelligent. It must be a holistic discipline, especially with the body. The brain is helpless if the body is powerless and incapable of … Read more