The Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Times

From traveling to outer space, alien invasions, and all that time traveling, the unbelievable existence of dinosaurs, to people getting cloned, and to all that mind-boggling space battles, Sci-Fi movies deliver them right to you. Science Fiction movies allow us to think of the impossible and bring us to places far beyond our imaginations. It provides us with mind-blowing ideas about outer space, the alien world, all the technological advancements, artificial intelligence, and the post-apocalyptic things that can be happening on Earth. It is a genre that has been existing since the growth of silent cinema and was learned to love and embraced by people in the present time. Science fiction movies do not just give us the unthinkable ideas of our future, but they also offer some great and funny moments that capture the viewers’ hearts. Experience more of this by playing Alien Slots.

Below is the list of some of the best Sci-Fi movies of all time.


Christopher Nolan directed this movie, and it came out last 2014. This is a heartwarming story involving a father and his daughter. A group of space explorers was set to travel through a wormhole in outer space because it is the only way to ensure humanity’s survival. The astronauts reached a place where no one has ever been before, a planet that might be the perfect environment to sustain the life of mankind.


The Snowpiercer was directed by Bong Joon Ho and was based on a French graphic novel, Le Transperceneige. It first premiered in the year 2013. It is set in a post-apocalyptic period where the people were trapped inside a very long train that is hurtling around the Earth’s frozen surface. The train was divided into classes wherein the people who belong in the high class are located in the front section of the train where they experience a classy and glamour life, and the lower class people are in the tail section of the train where they are treated poorly. The people in the tail section were planning a revolution and overthrew the unjust system in the train. The train is divided into sections, and in each section, the group battles their way through a lot of surprises and challenges they have to conquer.


Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind came out in 2004. It was directed by Michel Gondry and was starred by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. This movie is not only a sci-fi movie, but it is also a romantic-comedy film. This movie is about two ex-lovers who decided to erase both the bad and good memories of each other from their minds. As the story develops, Joel (portrayed by Jim Carrey) realized that he still has feelings for Clementine (portrayed by Kate Winslet). This movie is very unusual; however, this movie’s emotional journey lets the viewers go through is real.


Star Trek spaceship

This is a pretty old movie since it came out last 1982. This is a sci-fi movie directed by Nicholas Meyer. Star Trek is a series, but the best film of the series would be the second one, which is Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. In this film, one great villain of Star Trek from the original series was brought back. Admiral Kirk was trying to stop Khan Noonien Singh, an old enemy, from using the Genesis device as a weapon. Many people loved the original Star Trek series that even the new film series could not match the movie into perfection. Star Trek memorabilia and collectibles, including the Captain’s Chair from U.S.S Enterprise Bridge, were sold in honor of the series. The chair is said to be the most expensive Star Trek memorabilia.


poster of the 12 monkeys movie

12 Monkeys is probably the best science fiction movie Terry Gilliam directed. It was premiered in 1995. This movie is set in a post-apocalyptic era wherein a convict was sent back to time-travel to unravel information about the man-made virus that affected the whole of humanity and prevent it from happening again. In return, James Cole, the convict, will earn parole. With this movie’s help, Brad Pitt earned his first Oscar nomination, and Bruce Willis made one of his most outstanding performances in the industry.


head of a T-rex dinosaur

We all know by now that dinosaurs are extinct. However, due to substantial technological advancements in this movie, a prehistoric theme park was filled with cloned dinosaurs. Unpredictable events like dinosaurs running loose happened, and chaos started. This movie is entertainingly good and could make you feel all the adrenalin rushing in your blood as you journey together with the characters in Jurassic Park.