Star Trek Franchise Collectibles You Can Own

Polar Lights Star Trek TOS Enterprise 50th Anniversary Edition 1:350 Scale Model Kit

The Starship Enterprise began its voyages on TV more than 50 years ago, and Star Trek is still one of TV’s most popular science-fiction franchises. After the years since its release, the world has seen numerous feature films, live-action and animated spinoff series, and a lifetime’s worth of toys, video games, collectibles, novels, and memorabilia. … Read more

Most Expensive Star Trek Collectibles

Wax statues of the Star Trek crew

If you’re an original fan of the Star Trek series, perhaps you’ve collected a VHS collection of the series back then. You may have watched each episode at least ten times. But if you’re truly a dedicated “Trekkie,” you might have spent a little bit more than tapes. A dedicated Trekkie or an ultimate, devoted Star Trek fan attends Star … Read more