Female Workwear to Look Professional Yet Stay Cool in Warm Weather

You may well be in the enviably fortunate position of working from home and can, therefore (video calls aside), wear shorts and a vest top with your hair piled high atop your head whilst working.

However, for most people, from Mondays to Fridays you are required to wear ‘work-appropriate’ clothing, and then come June, you are hot and sweaty before you have even set foot in the building.

If this sounds like you, then continue reading to discover female workwear that allows you to look professional yet stay cool in warm weather.

White Shirts

The most important staple of a summer wardrobe, for both men and women, is that of the simple and classic white shirt.

Not only is white by far the best color to wear in the heat (compared to black, which is conversely the worst), but a freshly pressed white shirt can provide the ideal base on which to invest in beautiful accessories from froxx.co.uk.

Flesh-Toned Underwear

Another essential change when preparing your summer wardrobe for the office or workplace is to switch to wearing flesh-toned underwear (specifically if you plan on wearing a lot of white).

As well as investing in comfortable and well-fitting flesh-toned underwear items and period underwear, you could also pick yourself up a couple of strapless bras in the same tone, which will be the only appropriate item to wear underneath an off-the-shoulder or Bardot-style top.

Summer Shoes

Even though you would love nothing more than to wear your favorite, well-worn multi-colored Havianas to the office, depending on where you work and the nature of your role, these may be slightly less than appropriate.

If you do want to wear sandals to work, then make sure the amount of toe showing is at a minimum and that the sandals are the smarter, dressier kind. Alternatively, a smart flat mule or ballet shoe may well be a better suggestion, as they look just as lovely with long skirts and dresses as they do under lightweight trousers.

Natural and Lightweight Fabrics

Obviously, the materials you wear, especially those directly touching your skin, can make a huge difference to your core body temperature and how comfortable you feel at work.

This is why non-synthetic fabrics are a far superior choice for workwear of any kind and moreover, you should focus on slightly looser items of clothing in such fabrics.

Tops that are 100% cotton and wide-legged linen trousers will not only provide the much-needed cooling properties conducive to working, but will also mean you can easily transition from work to summer drinks too.

Avoid Complete Monochrome

Finally, even though white and black are the traditional and indeed, the most common, colors to wear to the office, you should still be able to express your own individual sense of style in your outfits.

If you do want to stick to a monochrome aesthetic overall, choose bright and summery accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings in shades of aqua, coral, turquoise and lemon.