3 Smart Home Additions That Make Smart Home Investments

Smart money is going into homes these days. For a better return than a savings account, people are putting the money where their house is and making improvements and additions that will pay for themselves and add a profit down the line. The smartest money is being spent on smart home additions that have an eye on the future, and what the house buyers of tomorrow will be looking for.

The Intelligent Home

There is an app for everything, including your home. Everything from the lights to the curtains, to the central heating can be controlled from your phone, from anywhere. You can add indoor and outdoor CCTV to the list too. Anything with a plug socket can be switched on and off with the right equipment and more.

The home of the future will be expected to have these conveniences. If you are planning an upgrade to any room in the house, some smart home tech should be a part of the budget. This brings touch-of-a-button convenience to many household systems and adds to the security of the property. Pick one system and stick to it. Amazon’s Alexa is the most popular and has lots of compatible accessories from many major manufacturers. All the next owner needs to do is plug in their Alexa, and the whole house is at their command. This is a great selling feature.

Saving with the Sun

Home onsite energy is going to be a highly sought-after feature in the very near future. Prices of electricity and natural gas are constantly creeping up. Making electricity onsite and either selling it to the national grid to bring your bill down or storing it in the day to power your home at night, is going to become a common feature. Homes that don’t have it will be left behind.

Don’t let the UK weather fool you either; even on a cloudy day there is still light and solar panels still generate power. Look here for solar panel installation Aylesbury, or anywhere for the total package. When you put the panels together with a home battery, you can have a big impact on your bill or use the power to top up an electric vehicle. Having the garage of the future is going to be an important selling point too.

Future Home, Future Car

Speaking of EVs, making space for one or two at your home is a smart investment, especially if you can take advantage of a government grant or an energy provider’s EV home charging scheme. For a very small investment, you can add a future-proof feature to your home and provide charging space for one or two family vehicles. If you have a garage, consider having one indoors and one outdoors to add flexibility and storage in the garage without losing a charging space.

These three simple smart home additions can all be tailored to your budget, as well as your home. Start small with some smart home tech like a thermostat or plug sockets and begin to build your investment in your home over time. Each one of these smart ideas saves you money and makes your home a more desirable option for future buyers.