What Are The Primary Alien Species On Star Trek

Star Trek began in the 1960s as a space fiction TV show. It aired for decades in the forms of movies, comics, novels, and Television series. Star Trek movies used different alien races that were introduced in the TV series as a springboard to kick off their stories. One of the interesting things about Star Trek Beyond is to take the classic crew to a new place, such as an undiscovered alien world. 

These worlds were never seen before by humans or aliens. The major plot of Star Trek was about alien races that were encountered by humans. Some of the noted alien species on Star Trek were Borg, Klingons, Vulcans, and many more. 

What Are The Primary Alien Species On Star Trek

Vulcans (Image)

Brilliant, logical analytical, and cold, the Vulcans have been a key part of Star Trek since the first episode. They were the first alien race that humans interacted with. The total suppression of emotions is the defining characteristic of Vulcan culture. They are just like humans in terms of emotions. They practice a rationalistic lifestyle in which emotions must be purged logic is valued. 

The philosophy of logic and emotions was initiated by the Vulcan philosopher Surak, who lived in the time of bloodshed and civil wars. The Vulcan culture also known as Awakening Time helped to instill them in a logical perspective. They have telepathic abilities that can detect massive events happening in the Vulcan population. 

Through physical contact, their abilities are enhanced. The leading Vulcan Mind Fusion made them share their memories, experiences, and thoughts with any other alien race.

Tribbles (Image

Arguably, the most beautiful creature in the galaxy is Tribble. They are small, sluggish, and hairy creatures with no external characteristics. It emits a gentle lullaby when stroked, making them immensely endearing to humans. Klingons are having a slightly lower opinion of these furry beings due to the acute allergic reaction that Tribbles cause in them. Klingons used to find their smell disgusting. 

According to Klingons, Tribbles were parasites and they even used to call them their deadly enemies. Tribbles were more like pets except for one major problem that they breed at a level where rabbits would be jealous. The survival advantage of Tribbles is that they are born pregnant. According to their rapid breeding level, they can fill up a ship and consume all the food on it. 

Starfleet prohibited the transportation of Tribbles because they considered them dangerous organisms. 


What Are The Primary Alien Species On Star Trek

In the future that Star Trek has presented, the human race will no longer use or need money. It is because the issues of limited resources have been resolved and the replicators everywhere, have made Earthlings replace the motif of profit by the desire for multicultural and union growth. On the other hand, not all the breed are high-minded. Without a doubt, the smartest businessmen in the Star Trek series were Ferengi. 

They are a profit-seeking and greedy race of humanoids. The Ferengi race did not follow the moral laws of other worlds and was ruled by the Rules of Acquisition. The only real goal of their lives is making a profit. Hence, they are pure capitalists who do nothing but good business. The Ferengi culture is based on the two hundred and eighty-five rules of acquisition. They have a deep hatred for things such as unions, overtime, sick leave, or anything that prevents them from fully exploiting their workers. 

Most Ferengi accepts this as a day they intend to create their workers for their business and operate them in the same way.


What Are The Primary Alien Species On Star Trek

Like Tribbles, the Klingons are one of the primary identifiable alien races with Star Trek. They possessed a kind of unique cultural identities and histories that make the Star Trek universe so fascinating and vast. The Klingon language has been listed by the Guinness World Record because of the most popular fictional language in the world

On the other hand, there are complete works by William Shakespeare that have been translated into Klingon. Also, it is hard to beat when it comes to cultural impact. They were originally presented as antagonists and later allies of the Federation. The Klingon race is of conquering warriors who value honor above everything. Aggressive and short, Klingons are not having room for debate or subtlety. 

Apart from being warriors, they are religious people who go to great lengths to live the kind of life that is honorable. 


What Are The Primary Alien Species On Star Trek

Despite being one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets, Andorians are the suspicious alien race than others especially the Vulcans. On the other hand, the issues were resolved over time. They belong to a highly militaristic society that does not have dizzying configurations on their weapons. Also, these weapons are not charitable unless they are out of their goals.

Andorians live by a code of honor, never fight without a valid reason, and despise dishonesty. They honor their traditions seriously. One of the honoring traditions is that if an Andorian is injured far from Andoria, one of his comrades will return his blood to his frozen house. 

The blue skin and antennas on their heads are the distinguishing characteristics of Andorians. There is a subspecies of Andorian named Aenar. They have white skin and abilities of psychic. Also, they are blind too. 


What Are The Primary Alien Species On Star Trek

Cardassians are among the complicated villains in the Star Trek series. Their violent occupation and enslavement of Bajor are often seen as analogous to WWII Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. Once a spiritual, artistic, and peaceful race like Bajorans, Cardassian culture was destroyed because of the lack of natural resources on the planet. It resulted in widespread famine and leading to the rise of everlasting military dictatorship.

The Cardassian intelligence organization, the Order of Obsidian, is renowned for being one of the most brutally effective in the galaxy. It was to monitor the Cardassian citizens that they remain loyal to the state. The one who was disloyal to the state was disappeared without a trace. The society of Cardassian is a totalitarian police state that rewards complete loyalty to the government, military achievement and keeps a record of everything. 

The legal system in Cardassian society was to detect the suspects and convicted ones are sentenced to death or labor camp. 


What Are The Primary Alien Species On Star Trek

The most dehumanizing of all alien threats, the Borg was the name given to a unique collective consciousness to spread across an intergalactic web of cyborgs. They are driven by the need for self-perfection, who assimilate other species into them. Like a colony of ants, they all served Queen Borg. The Borgs are not having individuals among them and they have no culture like Klingons. 

They do not strive to do anything besides serving the spirit of the hive they all share. Many cultures, types of technology, worlds, and entire alien races have been unwillingly overtaken by the Borg. They indiscriminately absorbed infants, children, adults, technology, etc. into their collective bodies and minds. Hence, they eliminated free will traces in other races of aliens. 

They were able to simultaneously evolve and advance in technology and unique genetics. However, they have shown a complete disinterest in assimilating the races they considered unworthy. It is one of their blind spots. 

Star Trek – Primary Alien Species

There were a lot of alien species in the Star Trek series that played important roles in different situations. Some of the alien species were almost like humans in physical appearance, culturally important, honor, loyalty, etc. But not all alien races are meant to look like humans. 

Some species were like dinosaurs such as Gorns or human bodies with six legs and hard exoskeleton skin such as Tholians.