Star Trek Toys and Dolls

The iconic characters from Star Trek Series have left their legacy in the minds of the people of all ages. The impact is particularly remarkable on psyche of children from everywhere who idealize their favorite heroes from the whole series. The inspiration that the empowering characters provided is not only limited to scientific innovation rather it certainly encompasses other domains including Kids appreciation and fascination.

The best possible way to materialize the mythological heroes from the Star Trek series or any other show for young people is to avail the delight of having their favorite characters in the form of toys or dolls. The craze and enthusiasm of having superheroes of different TV shows and movies in the form of toys also prevails in grown-up people as well. There is no wonder if you find a collection of toys in some people houses. Most of these collections of different toys are kept since childhood. They hold a great value in their lives undoubtedly.

In Star Trek, the characters’ replicas are not the only choice for kids. The props replicas that represent those used in the series, are also preferred by kids. Obviously the credit of this trend goes to the series that portrayed a future of advanced and complex technology and therefore making the props replicas as famous and wanted as the character’s replicas.

The most amazing thing about these toys is their prevalence and popularity in today’s era too. Though more than half a century has passed since the Original Series and the thrill has been kept alive by its consecutive projects since then, the Star Trek toys are still around. Moreover, the popularity and demand of any particular replica in the form of toy depends on subjective taste that is likely to be diverse and varied accordingly.

Here we are going to highlight some of the most famous and wanted toys in the following list:

1. S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 High Definition Ship

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS Star Trek- U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 High Definition ShipThis replica is made after the starship that was used in Star Trek Original Series. The starship is famously recognized even today throughout the world. The most amazing thing about this replica is featuring of sound and light effects from the original series. The starship even includes longer voice clips particularly William Shatner’s full opening monologue.

The structure of the starship is based on Matt Jeffries’ original design. In size the starship is 16’’ long.

2. Transporter Room Boxed Set

NJ Croce Star Trek TOS- Transporter Room Boxed, Set

This awesome design includes Transporter Room with exact replicas of four main characters from the series. These characters include Captain James T. Kirk, Scotty,

Mr. Spock, and Dr. Mccoy. Captain James T. Kirk also has a Phaser gun in his hands. The most astonishing fact about these replicas is their bending feature which enables them to create different poses. The size of each character in the box is approximately 6’’.

3. Spock

Mego Action Figures, 8” Star TrekThe most significant figure of the Star Trek series Mr. Spock is an inevitable choice to have in the form of a toy.  The replica is made of PVC. The toy is washable too. Accessories are attached including Tribbles from the Original Series in blue uniform. Size of the toy is 8’’.

4. Captain Jean-Luc Picard

McFarlane Toys Star Trek Captain Jean-Luc Picard Collectible Action FigureWith dynamic poses, articulated with 12 points and 7-inch long Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s replica is one of the best choices in Star Trek toys. The figure is balanced on a disc base and showcased in a window box.

5. Seven of Nine

5-Seven of Nine Action Figure As Featured in the Star Trek

One of the dynamic character and action figure from the series is manufactured into a 9-inch replica in her own costume of the series. Accessories like Starfleet phaser rifle, a borg alcove, and a borg action base are attached with the figure.

6. Captain Voyager Kathryn Janeway

1998 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Star Trek Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway

A wonderful ornament and exact replica of the most iconic female figure from Star Trek.

7. Light and Sound Communicator

Star Trek- Light-and-Sound CommunicatorThis toy includes the replica of the iconic communicator that was used as an emergency signaling device and voice communication. The whole set is also comprised of a 48-page book that highlights the overall history of communication at Star Trek along with images.

8. The Next Generation Phaser

Star Trek the Next Generation PhaserThis toy is a plastic-made replica of The Next Generation Phaser that is an essential accessory of any Star Trek costume.

9. Transporter Room Building Set

Mega Bloks Star Trek Transporter Room Building SetThis set features a buildable Transporter Room that includes the computer system and six Transporter platforms. Panels are placed there with a glow in the dark. Three exact micro replicas of Kirk, Spock and Scotty are displayed there and are equipped with every detail from the series giving it an authentic look. Above all, these replicas are super-poseable in multiple ways. With accessories including phaser and knives are also attached.

10. Friendship Necklace

QMx Star Trek Friendship NecklaceThis toy represents the Star Trek Friendship Necklace that has an imprinted note on its two halves. The phrase “I Have Been and Always Shall Be Your Friend” is stamped across both the halves of the Necklace.

11. Robot Figure

Diamond Select Toys Lost in Space- Electronic Lights and Sounds B9 Robot Figure,Multi-colored,10 inchesThis toy is the replica of B9 Robot from Lost in Space with electronic lights and sounds that is based on original features from the classic sci-fi series. The size of this toy is 10-inches.

12. Mirror Kirk Retro Style Action Figure

Star Trek The Original Series Mirror Kirk Retro Style Action Figure

This figure designates the replica of Kirk and Spock from The Original Series dressed in real uniforms in retro 70s style.

13. Uhura

UhuraThe most iconic figure in the Star Trek series, Uhura is a mandatory Star Trek collection. The toy is articulated with 14-points and 8’’ tall. It is washable and is made of PVC. Accessories are also attached with the toy that includes a Tricorder too.

14. Borg Queen Femme Fatales Vinyl Statue

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS Star Trek- The Next Generation-Borg Queen Femme Fatales Vinyl Statue

This toy is the incarnation of the frightening and terrifying character from Star trek, the Borg Queen. The structure of this toy is detachable with upper head and torso.

15. Counselor Deanna Troi Femme Fatales PVC Statue 

Diamond Select Toys Star Trek-The Next Generation- Counselor Deanna Troi Femme Fatales PVC StatueThis toy represents the exact replica of Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  It is dressed up in official costume of U.S.S. Enterprise. The toy is 9-inch tall and placed in a colored window box.


All the toys manufactured on the theme of Star Trek materialize either a character or an attribute related to the series be it the set, computer system, props, or any other domain. They become the source of joy and absolute satisfaction for the fans, particularly kids in the form micro-action replicas of their favorite characters from the series. Perhaps, these toys ultimately become the best channel to impart a sense of authenticity and ecstasy to the mythological characters that the kids including the grown-ups idealize in their practical lives too.