The Actors Who Portrayed Star Trek Captains

Models of the Voyager and Enterprise 'D' version at Star Trek

Star Trek is more famous for its starships than any other fictional franchise. The way ships are treated in Star Trek is distinctive; the fictitious vessels in the world must adhere to a particular design aesthetic as well as laws and in-universe physics. Instead, of serving as restrictions, all those characteristics help … Read more

Martial Arts in the Olympics: A contrast between Karate and Aikido

Male Kumite in Karate1 Premier League Berlin 2018.

The modern Olympic Games, also known as the Olympics, are the world’s prestigious international sporting events, featuring summer and winter sports competitions in which thousands of athletes from all over the world compete in more than 300 events, 339 events to be exact in 2021. The Olympic Games are regarded as the … Read more

How Are Wingdings Used Today?

The Wingdings 2 characters

A group of dingbat typefaces called Wingdings convert letters into other symbols. By merging glyphs from Lucida Icons, Arrows, and Stars that were licensed by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes, they were first created by Microsoft in 1990. The creator of a tool used to create the typeface. Type Solutions, Inc., is … Read more

6 Ways to Sell Star Trek Collectibles

Star Trek cast promotional photo from the third season (1968-1969)

Gene Roddenberry founded the American science fiction media property known as Star Trek, which debuted as a 1960s television series and swiftly gained a global following in popular culture. The franchise has grown to include several movies, TV shows, video games, novels, and comic comics. It is one of the most well-known … Read more

Back Story for Benjamin Lafayette Sisko of Deep Space Nine

Ben Sisko of Deep Space Nine

In the Star Trek universe, there is a fictional character named Benjamin Lafayette Sisko. He can be seen in the TV show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9). Avery Brooks, an actor, plays him. Between 1993 to 1999, the role of the character was prominent on the television program, which was broadcasted … Read more

Check the Leakage of Apartment Before Renting

Check the Leakage of Apartment Before Renting

When renting an apartment, you should check for leaks on the ceiling and floor. A roof leak or a water pipe in the ceiling is a sign that something is wrong, so report it to the property manager or landlord. Water on the floor can be from pets or the refrigerator defrosting … Read more

Earn More Benefits with Credit Cards – Sign-Up Bonuses

Earn More Benefits with Credit Cards – Sign-Up Bonuses

How to earn more bonuses with credit cards? There are several tips to keep in mind before you sign up. Ideally, you should apply for a credit card when the sign-up bonus is at its peak. You can also take advantage of seasonal promotions or apply during a time when card sign-up … Read more

The Top 5 Sports & Fitness Gadgets

The Top 5 Sports & Fitness Gadgets

Looking for a way to enhance your workout regime, or perhaps need some motivation to get started? There is an abundance of innovative new devices and gear these days that can do just that, and much more. 1. Powerbeats Pro Powerbeats Pro headphones are a completely wireless set of headphones with a … Read more