The Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Times

From traveling to outer space, alien invasions, and all that time traveling, the unbelievable existence of dinosaurs, to people getting cloned, and to all that mind-boggling space battles, Sci-Fi movies deliver them right to you. Science Fiction movies allow us to think of the impossible and bring us to places far beyond our imaginations. It … Read more

Star Trek Franchise Collectibles You Can Own

Polar Lights Star Trek TOS Enterprise 50th Anniversary Edition 1:350 Scale Model Kit

The Starship Enterprise began its voyages on TV more than 50 years ago, and Star Trek is still one of TV’s most popular science-fiction franchises. After the years since its release, the world has seen numerous feature films, live-action and animated spinoff series, and a lifetime’s worth of toys, video games, collectibles, novels, and memorabilia. … Read more

Most Expensive Star Trek Collectibles

Wax statues of the Star Trek crew

If you’re an original fan of the Star Trek series, perhaps you’ve collected a VHS collection of the series back then. You may have watched each episode at least ten times. But if you’re truly a dedicated “Trekkie,” you might have spent a little bit more than tapes. A dedicated Trekkie or an ultimate, devoted Star Trek fan attends Star … Read more

Who Created Star Trek?

Creator of Star Trek Series, Gene Roddenberry in 1976.

The American media industry like films and television programs and series was at its growth during the decade of 60s and 70s. During this era, many of the famous films were released which broke many previous records and were so successful that their remakes were also made in the 21st century. Moreover, many television programs … Read more