Who Was Captain Jonathan Archer?


Jonathan Archer was the protagonist of popular TV series Star Trek: Enterprise. The fictional character was played by the talented Scott Bakula.  Captain Archer is known for his important contribution in formation of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet. From 2151 to 2161, he served as the commander of NX-01 – … Read more

Who Was Captain Benjamin Sisko?


Benjamin Lafayette Sisko doesn’t need an introduction. He was seen and admired as a fictional character in Star Trek series: Deep Space Nine, and the role was played by Avery Brooks. The show was aired between 1993 and 1999, and Benjamin earned a lot of fame for his role as a captain. … Read more

Who Was Captain Kathryn Janeway?

Who Was Captain Kathryn Janeway

Leadership is not a piece of cake. It is hard to lead and even harder when you are a female who has to prove her competence amidst male-predominance. When we talk about a female leader, Kathryn Janeway is one of the inspiring names to hit the minds instantly. Who was she? What’s … Read more

List of Star Trek Television Shows

the title used for the first season of Star Trek- The Original Series

The Star Trek franchise just celebrated its 55th-anniversary last week, on September 8. With a cult following around the globe, the franchise is one of the most popular and impactful in cinematic history. Over the past fifty-five years, the franchise has released seven spin-off television series, two animated series, and thirteen films. … Read more

Who Was Captain James T. Kirk?

Star Trek William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk

Captain James T. Kirk was a fictional character in the all-time favorite American science fiction media franchise Star Trek. William Shatner portrayed the role from 1966 till 1994, and Chris Pine from 2009 till 2016. The character was first seen in The Man Trap, 1966, and made its last appearance in Star … Read more

What Are The Primary Alien Species On Star Trek

Occupied Borg prop on display

Star Trek began in the 1960s as a space fiction TV show. It aired for decades in the forms of movies, comics, novels, and Television series. Star Trek movies used different alien races that were introduced in the TV series as a springboard to kick off their stories. One of the interesting … Read more

Who Have Been the Main Vulcan Characters on Star Trek

Male and Female Vulcans

Star Trek is an American science fiction media franchise that is derived from the 1960s television series named Star Trek. It was created by Gene Roddenberry. The series now known as The Original Series were debuted on September 8, 1966, and continued for three seasons on NBC. It followed the voyages of … Read more

The Best Star Trek Games for PC and Consoles

a boy with a headphone, playing a computer

For Trekkers (as what fans of Star Trek call themselves), it is hard to look at a room wall without a Start Trek poster on it, let alone imagine the sci-fi landscape without The Original Series (TNG). Without question, Star Trek is one of the biggest, most enduring science fiction franchises to date. The 1960s sci-fi … Read more