Tips for Learning Aikido

Diagram showing a difference between Tori and Uke while in a combat of Aikido

Martial arts can be defined as a set of techniques and codified systems which are used in combat against the enemy or attacker. It is a term derived from the Latin language which stands for “art of Mars”. These sets of techniques are used for different purposes which include self-defense, law enforcement application, competition, and … Read more Tips for Learning Aikido

Star Trek Chronology

fictional starship with Star Trek television cast members

Sci-fi movies portray the demonstration of futuristic endeavors of technology that is not only enthralling but also captivating for the audience due to the appealing impact of scientific advancement, technological evolution and their influence on human life. In 60s, Star trek, a new television series created by Gene Rodenberry gained massive attention from its viewers … Read more Star Trek Chronology

Star Trek Toys and Dolls

an image featuring the original Starship from Star Trek- The Original Series

The iconic characters from Star Trek Series have left their legacy in the minds of the people of all ages. The impact is particularly remarkable on psyche of children from everywhere who idealize their favorite heroes from the whole series. The inspiration that the empowering characters provided is not only limited to scientific innovation rather … Read more Star Trek Toys and Dolls

Important Women in Star Trek

A picture of Uhura from the cast of Star Trek

The fame and grandeur of Star Trek series not only rest upon the premises of its futuristic possibilities of scientific and technological advancement but also on its diverse casting performing the roles and materializing the mythological characters.  The role of women in this regard is significantly important. The series portrayed multiple main lead and other … Read more Important Women in Star Trek

What is the Difference Between Irony, Satire, and Sarcasm


Irony, Satire, and Sarcasm may seem like close cousins, but there are a few differences between these rhetorical terms. If you aren’t sure what your friends and class fellows label your jokes to be, you might want to read till the end of this article. We explain the key differences between irony, satire, and sarcasm … Read more What is the Difference Between Irony, Satire, and Sarcasm

Popular World War II Advertisements

world war 2 Normandy

World War II was a global war fought between major countries of the world along with their allies. The war continued for 6 years and proved to be one of the deadliest ones with over 85 million deaths. In order to gain support from the general public, different types of advertisements were run by the … Read more Popular World War II Advertisements

Why Does Sarcasm Hurt?

Women holding a card that reads 'Really?'

Sarcasm is a double-layered expression — of playfulness, passive-aggressiveness, or awkwardness — which on the surface indicates that the person’s acts and statements are neutral, but the second layer beneath the surface signifies aggression. Sarcasm is passive-aggressive by definition. And not everyone can always detect the subtle irony at play. Only a few individuals can … Read more Why Does Sarcasm Hurt?

Learn About the History of Fonts

Beige text on a black background

From webpages and mobile apps to billboards and magazines, different fonts surround us. Every font you see is used for a different purpose, and each one is chosen based on its unique “personality” — choosing fonts is a crucial step in the design process for anything involving text. Some fonts are better suited to professional … Read more Learn About the History of Fonts